Who is Paying for Consumer Debt

Take a close look at the image in this post. Have you seen this ad? Now this post is not to trash the fast food chain in the picture, but I should for being a part of such a horrible ad.

“Eat like someone else is paying”

Wow! Okay so help me understand this ad, so people pull up to the drive-thru to order, they see this advertisement and are supposed to order more food simply because they can put it on a credit card.

Here is the crazy part, right under the meal is reads like this, “Your meal could be FREE when you use your Visa card at BK®, Thousands of Winners”.

Are you serious!

To be honest, this is the sort of behavior that gets me all rowdy. It’s the principle behind the message that angers me. People like me are trying to help people eliminate credit card debt and from entering into this form of mentality and now we have a powerhouse create an ad that is so stupid, it doesn’t make sense. Like I hope whoever reads it and actually orders more food on their credit card so that at the end of the month they can’t pay it and they lose their house, okay not their house but man i’m sorry this is like a slap in the face to taxpayers.

You should be angry as well, here’s why

How far with this go. Remember a couple years ago when the government released the cash for clunkers program (Car Allowance Rebate System) and gave away taxpayer’s money to people who upgrade their vehicles. Yeah, well that was a dumb idea as well because it’s the same mentality because now you have people driving cars they can’t afford. So now the average is consumer is driving like someone else is paying.

But who really is paying for consumer debt?

When the smoke clears, Me, You, and our future children and grandchildren.