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Every day thousands of people decide to turn to the internet to make some extra money, supplemental income if you will. And every day thousands of people give up because they never make enough money online to offset what they make at their regular jobs.

This past year I decided to turn to the internet to make some extra cash. And I did, but it was not overnight success and to be quite honest, it still isn’t. What I learned this past year about internet marketing is that it takes time. I also know that anyone can turn on a computer and learn the basics of making money online. I did so in 6 months.

$2,093.05 is what I made from June to December of 2008. Some of you are probably thinking to yourself, thats it. Others are thinking, man I sure could use that. It’s really all about who needs the money most. Most people would not know how to make a supplemental income. If you are curious and just wanted to read about how to do so, I highly recommend Moonlighting on the Internet.

Moonlighting on the internet

Moonlighting on the internet

In the book Moonlighting on the Internet, Yanik Silver gives you all the information that you need to create an extra $500 to $5,000 a month. I hardly recommend books but this one is great, it mentions how to do so blogging so I sat and read most of it at Barnes N Noble.

Anyways, my goals for 2009 is to continue increasing my online earnings. Soon I will receive a check from Google every month because their payout is $100 and i’m close to making that every month already. I would love to hear from you if you are going to start making money online. Shoot me an email and let me be a part of your experience, or if you have found something that works that you think I can benefit from, send it my way.

A lot of people ask me how much I’m paying out of my own pocket to host my blogging and domains and my answer is always the same because its true, $6.95 a month with Bluehost. They even gave me a free domain and guess what it is, you guess it,

Thanks for an awesome year, 2009 is going to be even better because now I can scream i’m DEBT FREE !!!!!!!!!

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  1. That’s great, I hope I am as successful in 09′. Have you learned a lot with the Niche blogger?

  2. The Niche Blogger has given me the tools that I needed to move my niche blogs up in rankings. The key is to follow the steps and not jump ahead. There is so much that goes into online marketing. I try not to get overwhelmed. Thanks for commenting Ian. To your success.

  3. Hi Debt Free Hispanic,

    I’ve seen you several times in Amy’s blog and I think it’s great that you’re doing so awesome online! If I may ask, how many blogs do you have up and running and how old are they? I have one main one and it’s only 2 months old – still only seeing $.30 a day here and there from Adsense but am hoping to get more blogs up soon!


  4. I have three that I started in May which includes Debt Free Hispanic. I started another three since joining the niche blogger and those are the ones that actually bring in money, so the formula works. Most are 3-5 months old.

  5. Congrats on setting your goals ad I hope it goes well this year.

  6. That is quite good, considering that the 2k is just side income. If you devote full time to making money online, I’m sure you can make many times that amount

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