Purchasing Rental Car Insurance

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I’m sitting in a Southwest Airlines aircraft writing this post flying from Harlingen back to Dallas. Before boarding I returned a van rental and I noticed the prices that the car rental companies have for their own insurance. Most companies were charging an average of $29 each day for car insurance coverage. When you rent a vehicle all they ask you is if you want full coverage or liability only.


What they don’t ask you is if you would rather use your own insurance which in most cases you can. I always use my own insurance when renting a car but you may want to look over your insurance policy to see if your coverage allows rental cars. This will save you hundreds of dollars if not thousands depending on the amount of travel you endure.

So the next time you travel trying renting a vehicle using priceline (See Winning Rental Car bids in Top Cities from $12/day!) and when you check the vehicle out make sure not to end up purchasing rental car insurance. Check your policy first but I’m sure you will be covered. I write this post because most people don’t realize that they can save money by not purchasing the insurance coverage that the car rental companies try to sell their customers.

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