I Met Dave Ramsey!

I finally got to meet Dave Ramsey. That’s right! The day was unreal. I was vacationing in the Nashville area with my family during Christmas and I planned to spend the day at Financial Peace Plaza for the chance to meet Dave Ramsey.

Turns out, there is a time in between breaks during his radio show where he walks out into the foyer and takes pictures with fans. They have a place setup for people to sit down and watch/listen to the show live. They also have a coffee bar where they make you coffee and fresh chocolate chip cookies.

So I got to witness one of the best places to work. It really is. The people were really nice and from what I hear, they may be moving soon to another location. Glad to hear that Dave’s business continues to grow.

One thing I did notice about Dave is that he gets REALLY excited when he hears about someone who has recently paid off their mortgage. Someone mentioned it while they were taking pictures and Dave had his producer get them on camera within minutes to share their story and he even let them scream I’m Debt Free.

That moment in particular got stuck in my head for reason and I think I know why. Paying off your mortgage is a game changer and Dave knows it. When you pay off your mortgage you completely take control of your destiny, financially speaking.

This is why my wife and I have recently decided to start paying extra payments towards the principal of our home. I know we can pay it off within five years. It’s going to take focus and huge amounts of traction.

I have a plan and all I have to do is execute the plan. The good news is that my wife is working and I have my own business which doesn’t cap my income. The harder I work, the more money I make.

I’ll be sure to update regularly on our progress. Pray for us!