Debt Free Vacation

Just came back from my Debt Free vacation. I booked my hotel and car rental using Hotels

no one deals like we do!

Why Priceline? I like being frugal with my money and if I can save some money on a hotel, i’m all for it. Not only do I save money on hotels but I get four start hotels and 2 star prices. I’ve done it for the following cities already: San Antonio, Dallas/Ft Worth, New York, San Diego, & Houston.

Try it and let me know how it goes, I guarantee you are going to be a priceline for life person once you book. If you do use this service be sure to wait until the last minute as that is when hotels release rooms to these websites. All hotels want their rooms full because an empty room is like wasting money. Trust me, i’ve been doing this for years and has worked like a charm. A couple of times when I moved into our home our air conditioner went out and I simply purchased a room close by for the night and got a dirt cheap rate. Obviously the lower the star of the hotel the cheaper you will pay. However I have gotten some three to four star hotels at a decent rate in a prime location.

In fact, there are some weekend when my wife and I decide to go explore a nearby city, so we see about bidding on a four star hotel and we often get the rooms really cheap and have the time of our lives. Note to all, staying at airports can land you cheap rates if you do not mind staying close to airport and hearing planes pass by every so often. You really cannot hear them much. One time we had an early flight so I spent about $45 and stayed close to the airport, it just made life easier.

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  1. funny…my last comment seems to have “disappered!”

  2. Sorry, I thought your comment was spam, I had others, here is it….
    Seems like a obvious ploy to market…I know I can usually get the same rate, if not a better rate through the hotel itself. They prefer it that way so as to avoid paying commissions to brokers such as PL and I know I worked in the business…and this is why i avoid most of these booking sites and save even more by doing so.

  3. It’s more expensive going through the hotel, going through priceline gets me all the unsold rooms as a fraction of the cost. I’ve been doing this for years and its the only way I book hotels, I always get first class.

    You need to try, thanks for the pushback.

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