Debt Free Day

Debt Free Day

How much money could America save in one day? Have you ever thought of that. Seriously, wouldn’t it be cool if one day out of the year everyone would celebrate debt free day by paying cash for every purchase we make. The event will never happen.


America operates on money it doesn’t have. That’s right. Our economy would suffer because of such a day, so that is why our “free country” will be free of all things except debt. I still think it would be cool to have a day where every American would pay cash for all purchases. Who knows, maybe the government would have to print more money because of such a day, there is no telling.

I would say that a day like that could raise awareness about how much we put on credit cards or personal loans. Americans do not even think twice when making a purchase on a credit card. Have you ever been behind the man or woman that pulls out a stack of credit cards to make their purchase, it’s rediculous how they flip through their cards as if they were playing a game of poker. Funny thing is they are gambling away their money because it’s a sure thing to lose money when paying with credit cards, especially when you know you cannot pay your bill at the end of the month. In that case you are stealing and should be put in jail, thats right, do not pass go, do not collect $200 dollars. Yet, people spend as if they know they have a get out of jail free card.

Oh what a day it will be when the child of a parent does not ask to swipe the card this time ,as if it were a game. Have you noticed that arcade games are taking credit cards. Yes, along with soda machines, candy machines, car washes and other machines that used to be coin-operated at one point in time.

A lot of money can be saved on overdraft fees alone. You know, where you swipe your card and make that purchase at Taco Bell only find out later that you were overdrafting on your account and ended up paying $25 extra for every purchase. You being the smart one called to get mad at the bank for charging you such a high fee. When you play with snakes you get bit.

I think you get the idea. Have you gone a day without spending any money. It’s a weird feeling but a good one at that. Maybe you put gas in the car the day before, and you took leftovers for lunch and ate a sandwich for dinner. Somehow you made it through a day without having to make a single purchase. It’s possible. But is it possible for America to go a day without incurring debt for a single day? We will never know, plus there is always that one that ruins it for everyone else, right?

Don’t let it be you. Live a debt free life and pass a financial blessing to your grandchildren and don’t wait for everyone else to start being smart about money, the day will never come.

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  1. That would be great. For me and my family, we are not adding on credit card debt but it looks like we are adding on medical debt. We are looking forward to the day where if another medical emergency pops up we will have the cash saved up. Keep up the good work and I hope other people are inspired by your site to get out of debt and stay out of debt!

  2. Oh I can so identify,” Out of site out of mind “right. I’d rather take a sandwich everyday to save money here and there.I makes alot of difference. But heres something I learned recently. My husband reminded me not to purchase gas w/ my debit card at this gas station that resounds with “races”,becuz they charge you svc fee just for using your debit card. You work hard for your money and you buy gas and then find out youre paying more than you thought. Thats not right! Consumers beware…

  3. That would be AWESOME if we had one day like that! I could probably go 30-40 days w/out spending a dime – other than paying bills & food and all those necessities.

    Great post for sure, really liked this one 🙂

  4. Organize and promote it!

    We have world wide turn off the lights hour or something like that (look it up)…. why not this…

    Please feel free to share the ad revenue on the site you create for it. I have a nice local non-profit in mind for your donation.

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