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The best part of being a debt free blogger is that any money that I make I keep, period.  And yes, I make money via blogging. Not all of what I report is from this blog alone, I own several blogs all of which add up.

Why have more than one blog?

Same reason I have more than one stock, diversification. You never know which site is going to take off, some months are slower than others because of the seasons in which people search. There are patterns in which people search for certain topics, for example it comes as to no surprise that weight loss sites get the bulk of their income in January and February because people are searching for methods of losing weight in lieu of new years day and new goals.

As for 2010, I expect my online earnings to continue to increase because I continue to push content to the web. Since content is king, I’m turning it into cash. So the more content I put on the web, the more cash I collect, it’s that simple. I’m all for making money online and not just a one time amount, I enjoy receiving residual income which comes in every month. I worked hard for it and now I am seeing the fruits of my labor. What can I say, I’ve been blessed and I thank the Lord for getting me through the hard financial times including being in debt.

If you are reading this and you are in debt know that the first thing you need to do is evaluate your situation. Find out exactly where you are, how much you owe and to whom you owe money to. Then you can decide what move you need to make. But you have to be angry at the fact that you are in debt so you can be motivated to get out. Too many people are relaxed about their situation, and so they never do anything about it. I say it needs to consume you to the point that you get an extra job, not forever, only until you get out of debt.

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  1. what kind of blogs do you have? I am don’t understand what kind of content you’re putting out (besides this one). Can’t anyone just create a bunch of blogs with a whole bunch of banners? I would think that to get the most traffic out of a blog, you’d have to be dedicated to one subject, thus one blog. I like accounting/finance and know alot about it, so I’d blog about it. I also know some SQL, but in order for me to blog about it and get as much traffic as possible, I’d have to learn alot more about it, thus probably affecting my finance/accounting blog. What say you?

  2. I own a medical blog, a scholarship blog, a public speaking blog, a wedding blog, the list keeps going. Different keywords add up to different amounts and I agree with you, if you can concentrate on one blog, I would do that and build it up to an authority site. If not do what I do and create several and see what sticks and what generates revenue.

  3. I would have to agree with you Fabian. It’s all about building a diverse portfolio (especially if IM is all that you do). You never want to place all your eggs in one basket with anything. I love blogging because, like you said, you can create specific niche blogs and then you also have the freedom to continue building an authority site. I am actually getting ready to start blog flipping and I am very keen on what keywords and rankings that blog could make because if for some reason it doesn’t sell, I can still keep it and nurture it for myself and still make money on it on the backend. Trying to also build a PLR site. The sky is the limit!! And Fabian, it is refreshing to see someone having much fun with it…Yes–content is always king when it comes to blogging, no matter what type of blog it is. Throwing up a bunch of banners may get you some attention, but when you have something to say—you start building an audience who is willing to follow you wherever you go. Keep doing what you do 🙂

  4. Thanks Loren, always appreciate the pat on the back. A PLR sounds great, and it’s always a great way to build yourself some residual income for all the hard work that you do with writing. Be blessed, I know you will have success with your sites.

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