$9.99 Live Dave Ramsey Dallas, TX Tickets

Do you live in Dallas, TX? If so you may want to consider making a quick purchase that can change your life. Now I never recommend quick purchases but this one is a no brainer. The first 1,000 people to buy tickets to see Dave Ramsey live in Dallas will only pay $9.99 for each ticket.

Regular prices run around $35-$40 general admission. The content that you will receive will be well worth the money that you will pay. I have gone to this event 3 years in a row because the information is so good that you want to soak it all in every year. Plus the more you listen to it the more you believe it and actually do it. This is a financial seminar that is close to 5 hours but the time flies so fast.

So get your tickets, the next 1,000 tickets will only be $20 which is still a great price in my opinion. Hope to see you at the event.

3 Comments on "$9.99 Live Dave Ramsey Dallas, TX Tickets"

  1. Leslee Hunter | March 2, 2010 at 9:52 pm |

    I would like to buy two tickets for my daughter and myself. Thank you.

  2. Leslee, these tickets at this price were sold in September 2009 when I posted this. Check Dave Ramsey’s website for tickets, it’s worth every penny.

  3. Kenny Jacobs | March 13, 2010 at 12:23 am |

    I have two VIP tickets for sell… My fiance is very sick so we will not be attending. Can meet me in Euless. $50 each which is what I paid.

    Kenny (at) mavjac (dot) com

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